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StoryPal PRO Adds Powerful Features That Make StoryPal A Complete, Money-Making System

Create Unlimited Stories

The limit of 300 stories per month is removed and you can now create UNLIMITED stories (This feature alone is worth many times your tiny investment to upgrade today because the more stories you have out there, the bigger and better your results with be).

StandAlone Story Blog Add-On

With the StoryPal PRO Standalone Blog add-on, you can have all of your curated stories in a blog carousel that’s visually engaging and proven to boost results, reduce bounce rate, and to get more people to take action.

Why you need this...

  • This is the next level of blogging…

  • People don’t read entire articles and blog posts like they used to because online attention spans are shorter than ever and people want to get information in bite-sized pieces.

  • Create an entire blog loaded with all of your visually-appealing stories instead of blog posts

  • No design or coding skills are needed to create your Standalone Story Blogs with this powerful add-on

  • If you want to get the most out of StoryPal, you’ll want to ensure you upgrade to ‘Pro’ and get this add-on


  • This add-on is so powerful and effective it could easily be an upgrade all on its own

Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. More than 90 percent of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone. Re-read that.

In these times of intense online competition, if you write in the same old way that most do, traffic and growth will be hard to achieve. It may take longer to actually see some results. Your passion and enthusiasm may not stand the test of time.

If you wish to dominate your niche, you need a radically different approach. Don’t blog the same way millions of websites do. Your posts will have to look path-breakingly different from conventional web pages.

You need a modern storytelling format to help your content stand out and compete successfully. Be different and make a difference by embracing the StoryPal format to blog.

Even More Reasons You Want The Standalone Blog Addon

With modern attention span to deal with, you need a new content format that:


Transforms the reading experience, glamorizes every word of your text and makes reading a delight


Structures every byte of your content in a visually enthralling manner


Catches and captivates audiences’ attention, and gains their confidence and trust


Ensures that content is perfectly formatted and showcases it in a visually compelling way to engage readers


Is distraction-free, allowing visitors to easily focus on one piece of information at a time


Enforces the writings to be structured in highly readable snippets, a mobile screenful at a time

Now while all that might sound obvious to do, it’s only possible if you embrace a cutting-edge technology to empower your blog with a magnetic presentation format. With such tech in place you can then focus on producing content at scale. Adopt visual storytelling.

2020 is here. Blogging has evolved. Have you?

Now while all that might sound obvious to do, it’s only possible if you embrace a cutting-edge technology to empower your blog with a magnetic presentation format. With such tech in place you can then focus on producing content at scale. Adopt visual storytelling.

Advanced Analytics

We’ve also improved the analytics inside StoryPal PRO so you can instantly see how all of your stories are doing. Access all of the in-depth stats with just a click of your mouse and instantly know what’s working the best and how to quickly scale-up and get an even better result…


See your most visited pages and the most visited story across an entire site


For any given story, you’ll also be able to see just how deep your visitors go so you can see if there’s a story where people are getting stuck that you can improve for even better results


Find out the average number of pages your users see for every story, and the amount of time an average user spends on your stories


Instantly discover how many times ads were shown on any given story


Get demographic information like the country of origin for your visitors, whether they visited from a mobile device or desktop, and how many clicks and interactions you get on each of your stories

Weekly Email Reporting

You’ll also get access to a complete report with stats that show you exactly how your stories are doing via email every single week. Getting this important stats via email basically forces you to stay plugged-in and ensures you get the best results possible.

Easily Add Tracking Pixels

In ‘Pro’ we’ve added support for Google and Facebook tracking pixels to your newly created stories so you can create custom audiences and run retargeting campaigns.

This feature will save you time, lower your ad costs if you choose to run ads, and put money in your pocket quickly boosting your online ROIs with just a few clicks of your mouse…

Create Story Menus And Navigation Sidebars

When you upgrade to StoryPal  PRO, you’ll also unlock the ability to create story menus and add navigation sidebars to stories…

Instead of limiting yourself to one story page, you can now weave all your stories together using the menu format and allow your viewers to easily navigate between your stories without leaving your stories…

Add A Call to Action To Your Stories

By simply adding a Call to Action, you’ll be able to redirect to anything you choose at the end of your stories…








Optin Pages


Even Affiliate Offers

Because this effectively creates a fluid ‘story funnel,’ you’ll have more control and be able to turn more of your story’s viewers into money in your pocket!

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