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StoryPal Deluxe is a feature-rich upgrade that gives you everything you need to make your stories more engaging and adds powerful tools that make it even easier to profit with StoryPal.

StoryPal Deluxe Is Loaded With The Features You Need To Get Big Results With Stories

More Premium Templates

Inside StoryPal Deluxe you’ll get access to 10 additional Premium Story Templates. These templates were created by professionals, they look amazing, and you’ll be able to use them to quickly create stories that get results.

Accept And Serve Ads In Your Stories

We’ve added the ability to accept and serve ads within your stories so you can easily add profit to your bottom line.

Here’s How Ads Works…


Stories created with StoryPal provide a full-screen tappable experience that fully immerses viewers and with the Deluxe upgrade, we’ve made adding ads completely seamless so users stay engaged and fully plugged in.


To guarantee that users will never been shown a blank or loaded ad, all ads are pre-rendered


And because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re getting repeatedly hit with ads, ad density is optimized with content ration to prevent oversaturation


When you decide to use ads to monetize your stories you’ll have a couple of options…

Option #1 – External Ads

With external ads, you can connect and serve ads from 3rd party ads platforms like Google Adsense, Doubleclick, and you can also add a custom ad slot.

Option #2 – Internal Ads (Sponsored Stories)

This option allows you to create story-like ads for clients and also works great for adding affiliate offers right inside your stories.

Tracking And Analytics On Ads

With the click of your mouse, you’ll be able to see daily ads clicks, the country of the visitor, the device being used, and the number of ad interactions per person.  This is HUGE because when you know your stats, you’ll be able to get the best results from your campaigns.

Auto-Publish Story Links To Social Media

When you upgrade to StoryPal Deluxe today, you’ll also be able to auto-publish links from your stories to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is a fast and easy way to get your stories in front of more people, which means more free viral traffic, and more money in your pocket.

Add Featured Stories

Get more exposure and viewership from other stories that are related to your stories by adding featured stories and related stories to your stories.

Story Page Attachment (Swipe Up )

Upgrading to ‘Deluxe’ also adds the ‘Story Page Attachment’ feature so you can add more content to your stories that viewers can look at by simply swiping up.

This is great for…


Sharing additional content that doesn’t fit inside of a story


Guiding your viewers through a story funnel that qualifies and sells


Adding a call-to-action and telling your viewers what they need to do next

(This feature alone is worth many times your investment to upgrade to ‘Deluxe’ today)

Add Team Members

If you’re looking to outsource story creation or have someone else in your business helping you with your stories, when you upgrade to ‘Deluxe’ you can add team members to your account and give (or revoke) access to your dashboard at any time.

Upgraded Project Limit And Custom Domains (20 Projects and 10 Custom Domains)

Because we want to really give you everything you need to take things to the next level when you upgrade to ‘Deluxe,’ we’re upgrading you from 3 projects to 20 total projects and allowing you to connect up to 10 custom domains (This upgrade makes it easy for you to use StoryPal to create stories in different niches).

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